About Us

Lana Hall was fascinated by science and medicine from an early age. Growing up in the former Soviet Union, where most of her family was in the medical profession, it was the most natural thing in the world for Lana and her sister to follow them into the “family business”. Lana received a nursing degree from a prestigious Medical College and then subsequently attained higher degrees in Biology & Chemistry.

In 1994, Lana’s family immigrated to the US, where she continued her graduate education at the University of Rhode Island. Lana achieved further degrees in Cytology and Histology and went on to a happy and satisfying career in Providence as a Laboratory Cytology Technician.

Lana was never a “crafty” person; the practical and analytical side of life was always in the forefront. But then, a couple of years ago, a friend in Russia sent her a little present. It was a kitchen towel, but nothing like anything Lana had ever seen before – it was circular, and suspended from a center loop, so it could be hung on a cabinet knob or on a hook. Made from soft terrycloth, it was super absorbent. Because it hung in folds, you could dry your hands on one bit, and then turn it to get to the next dry section. And because it hung from a loop, it stayed in one place (Lana’s husband, a doctor who washes his hands constantly, was always “misplacing” the kitchen towels) – it was sort of a miracle. But, however much she loved it, Lana kept wishing it was a little bigger. And wishing that the loop opened so it could be hung on a towel bar, the refrigerator door or the oven door bar. And wishing it was a different color. And wishing she had more of them. So what’s a scientist to do?

Well, Lana knew how to figure out how things work. She looked at different fabrics and trims – deciding which had the properties she wanted (softness, absorbency, drape); figured out ideal loop sizes and closures (button? snap? Velcro?), experimented with sizes and figured out color combinations. She took a whole armload of fabrics & trims to a seamstress friend, gave her all the specs and directions and – voila – the round towel of Lana’s dreams was born. She took her new towels home and she and her husband were so happy – round towels wherever they needed them, attached to handles and towel bars so they didn’t “disappear”. Bliss!

Soon friends discovered Lana’s amazing, adorable towels and started clamoring for them, wanting them as gifts – and, more importantly, wanting to buy them. They found uses for the towels Lana had never thought of: attached to strollers, cribs – even in golf and tennis bags or hooked to the side of a barbeque! Lana couldn’t believe the response. Then stores began to hear about the towels and wanted to stock them. All of a sudden, it was turning into a business. What to do? It was decision time. With the encouragement of her husband, Lana decided to jump in with both feet. She found factories to make the larger quantities; she created new designs, colors, trims and even added embroidery. Stores have been ordering like mad, fans are growing by the day, and Simply Lana towels are poised to take over your kitchen and bathroom – and everywhere else!